Alkūnė Atoma

Alkūnė Atoma


Tinka 25,30,36mm. diametrų kojoms.


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Universal L-shaped feeder holder, suitable for use in a combination with a rod holder or as a feeder net holder. It can also be used as a separate rear rod holder. It has a handle with a variable diameter of 25, 30 and 36 mm, thanks to which it fits almost all standardly manufactured chairs on the market. Advantage of the handle also lies in the fact that it is equipped with a clip, thanks to which it is not necessary to always take the whole system off the chair. Simply unlock the clip and pull out the holder, while the handle remains ready on the chair for the next fishing. Another advantage of this handle is that it fits several holders from the ATOMA series. Thanks to this, the holders can be changed as needed without the need to remove the entire holder. The holder has a standard thread but also a connecting connector with a thread of a larger diameter. Thanks to this, every standardly produced rod holder or net "suits" this holder.

Technical parameters:
Total length: 230mm
Diameter: 16mm
Handle diameter: 25,30,36mm


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