Bag Delphin UniBAG

Bag Delphin UniBAG


Išmieros; 90cm. x 65cm. x 2cm.

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Plonas,lengvas vietos neužimantis krepšys skirtas transportuoti stalams ar kitai įrangai.

Išmieros; 90cm. x 65cm. x 2cm.

Delphin UniBAG is a highly practical, universal bag made from waterproof material. This predisposes it to transport of wet or dirty things such as breastplates or carp pads. It is designed so that it is possible to easily pack trays from the CarpPool series, but also the EazySafe cradle. In addition, however, it can carry any elements of fishing gear that fit inside with their dimensions. Thanks to the water resistance of the material used, you do not have to worry about accidental leakage of liquid during transport. UniBAG has a quality zipper and two textile handles, which help to carry it comfortably.

Technical parameters:
External dimension: 90cm x 65cm x 2cm


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