Carp table Delphin STEELS

Carp table Delphin STEELS


Staliukai susilanksto ir turi transportavimo krepšį.

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Multi funkciniai staliukai skirti patogiai žūkliai.Staliukai susilanksto ir turi transportavimo krepšį.

Turimi du variantai jūsų pasirinkimui;

Resistant and practical table STEELS can be used when making systems as well as when drinking your morning coffee in a bivvy or when doing a barbecue in the evening. Metal table top has the size of 47x30cm (version L) or 55x35cm (version XL). The corners of the table are open for better drain of the water in case you leave the table in front of your bivvy when rain comes. STEELS table has really massive telescopic legs. The adjustable height of the table is ranging between 23-33cm (version L) and 27-41cm (version XL). The legs can be locked by a special mechanism to prevent any unwanted falls of the table. The footing of the table is rubberized. The table comes with a transport case.

Technical parameters:
Size: 47x30cm
Adjustable height: 23-33cm
Transport size: 47x30x5cm
The height of the table top edge: 18mm

Size: 55x35cm
Adjustable height: 27-41cm
Transport size: 55x35x5cm
The height of the table top edge: 18mm

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Carp table Delphin STEELS



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