Delphin Atoma 3v1 bucket

Delphin Atoma 3v1 bucket


Trys variantai pasirinkimui 24,18 ir 13 litrų.

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Kibiras Delphin Atoma COMBI 3v1 komplektuojamas iš trijų detalių; kibiro,dangčio,bliūdo.

Trys variantai pasirinkimui 24,18 ir 13 litrų.

Feeder bucket, which is due to its parameters advisable for transport and feed preparation. It is equipped with a solid metal handle with an impressive wooden grip, which fits perfectly in the hand and makes transportation easier. Inside the bucket, there is a practical scale, thanks to which you always know how much of the lure mixture you are preparing.

Bowl is designed for convenient making and mixing of baiting mixtures. It has practical protrusions on the sides for better grip and easier removal from the bucket. It is intentionally designed in a different color shade than the bucket into which it fits, making it recognizable at first glance. On the inner side, there is a scale showing you the amount of prepared mixture.

Transparent lid that fits perfectly on the bucket. It is made of transparent plastic. Thanks to that you always know what is inside of the bucket without having to open it. It is equipped with handles on the sides, which snap onto the edge of the bucket. So the lid always stays firmly in place.

The bucket, together with the bowl and the lid, fit together perfectly and create a practical set designed for the transfer and preparation of bait mixtures used in feeder fishing. All three products are made of durable and strong plastic, which is also easy to wash. Thanks to the transparent design of the lid and the slightly different color shade of the bowl, you always have an overview what is inside of the individual parts.

Technical parameters:

Inner diameter of the bucket:
25L - 38.5cm

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Delphin Atoma COMBI

13l., 18l., 25l.


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