Delphin ATOMA Feeder 4 m.

Delphin ATOMA Feeder 4 m.


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ATOMA is a series of whole-carbon handles suitable for feeder landing net heads. Significant, blank and red design in a combination of carbon construction will grasp your attention from the first sight. But, this is not the end. The moment you take ATOMA into your hand, you will realize its low weight, faultless make and balance. The parts fit together without any mistake and the screw itself is nicely tied by a contrast red thread. This screw is universal and compatible with most common heads. ATOMA is placed in a cloth transport case which adds to its overall value. This handle will conquer every single fisherman cell in your body!

Length: 400cm
Number of parts: 4
Transport length: 113cm
Weight: 430g


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