Delphin ATOMA Mixer

Delphin ATOMA Mixer


Maišyklės pagamintos iš itin tvirto, nerūdijančio metalo.

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Maišyklės pagamintos iš itin tvirto, nerūdijančio metalo.

Extra strong, stainless steel mixer for feed preparation. Thanks to its ingeniously designed construction, it can easily handle a larger volume of feed mixtures. Foot of the mixer is of hexagonal profile, thanks to which it can be ideally attached to the drill head or other suitable device and thus effortlessly create a feed mixture with a perfect structure. Total length of up to 42 cm allows thorough mixing of feed even in a deeper bucket. Ribs of the mixer are designed in a slightly conical shape, which ensures the feed does not remain unmixed along the edges of the bucket.

If you are a hunter who knows that bait preparation prior to fishing is one of the keys to success, then the ATOMA Mixer should definitely not be missing in your equipment.

Technical parameters:
Total length: 42 cm

Stirrer dimensions:
Stirrer diameter: 11cm
Stirrer length: 15cm
Mounting profile length: 26cm
Mounting profile diameter: 0,8cm


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