Delphin CampWARE 3in1

Delphin CampWARE 3in1


Kompletą sudaro trys skirtingi vienetai indų

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Delphin CampWARE 3in1 is practical cookware set not only for fishermen, but also for all the adventurers, who spend a lot of time in nature and want to cook some good meals.
They are made of high quality and lightweight material. This set consists of a pan (volume of 600ml / dimensions 181x175x49mm), a pot (volume of 1500ml / dimensions 173x168x122mm) and a teapot (volume of 600ml/ dimensions 152x147x96mm). All three containers are equipped with a practical grip, which is wrapped with plastic to prevent burns. And now there's nothing stopping you from going on an adventure into nature. We recommend to complete this set with our Delphin Carparth FOODY dining set.


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