Delphin CUBO folding bucket

Delphin CUBO folding bucket


Turimi du variantai 5 ir 10 litrų.

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Kokybiški kibiriukai iš EVA medžiagos,patogiai susipakuoja transportuojant .Ergonominės rankenos pagamintos patogiam nešimui.Turimi du variantai;

Išmieros: 18x18x20cm.
Virvės ilgis: 5m.

Išmieros: 22x22x25cm.
Virvės ilgis: 7m.

Delphin CUBO is a practical bucket, made of waterproof EVA material with minimal transport dimensions, thanks to which it takes up almost no space in your equipment. It can be used especially when watering catches on the shore, but also when transporting service water, preparing to feed, or you can easily store various accessories during your expedition by the water. It is specific with its square shape, which contains more water than a bucket of circular shape with the same transport dimensions. The advantage of such a shape is also the possibility to pour water either slower over the corner or sharper over the entire edge of the bucket. Thanks to the practical handle, on which the rope is wound, it is possible to draw water even in difficult terrain from a greater height, or a boat. The advantage is also a solid plastic handle, with which you can carry the filled CUBO without any problems. Delphin CUBO is sold in two sizes: 5 L and 10 L.

Technical parameters:
Size: 18x18x20cm
Transport size: 18x18x5cm
Rope length: 5m

Size: 22x22x25cm
Transport size: 22x22x5cm
Rope length: 7m

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Delphin CUBO

5 l., 10l.


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