Delphin MAGMA M3 Duo feeder

Delphin MAGMA M3 Duo feeder


Perkate vieną,o gaunate du feederio variantus.Superinis pasirinkimas.

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Delphin MAGMA M3 Duo feeder,tai puikus variantas taupantiems pinigus.Nupirkę vieną kotų sistemą,turite galimybę žvejoti arba su trumpu ,arba su ilgesniu feederiu-priklausys nuo situacijos.

Šie kotai yra puikūs metikai ir nebijo perkrovų,dideli žiedai neleis lengvai sulaužyti viršūnė-lės.Puikus pasirinkimas žūkliai upėse,ar tolimiem metimams stovinčiame vandenyje.

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101000295 Delphin MAGMA M3 Duo feeder / 3 parts
77.95 €
101000296 Delphin MAGMA M3 Duo feeder / 3 parts
79.95 €

Delphin MAGMA M3 DUO available in bordeaux red color is the member of Delphin's most successful series of feeder rods equipped with the extention part. We have tried to keep all the features that make these rods a bestseller, but nevertheless, we have also added something brand new to push the level of quality, reliability and enjoyment of fishing even higher. This is the main idea behind the development of Delphin 2Power technology. This technology consists of two sub-segments, PowerWrap and PowerJoin. Both segments were applied to every model of the MAGMA M3 series. You will notice the PowerWrap technology straight after your first contact with the rod. It is an additional winding of carbon stripes along the whole length of the blank, which has contributed to a significant increase of the strength and resistance when the rod gets overloaded. In practice, this means a significant increase of rod´s longevity and helps to reduce the damage of the blank caused by users. The secondary aspect of this carbon wrapping is the attractive look of the structured blank in combination with the EVA rubber FullShrink handle creates a perfectly slip-resistant surface. In addition, it is much warmer by cold weather, when compared to the previous generation of Etna series with a split handle. PowerJoin is not as striking detail as the wrap, but it has an important role in suppoting the blank. It involves a small metal ring at the end of each joint, which considerably reduces the shatter damage of the blank.

Despite all the efforts to make the blank tougher, we have also worked on making the blank slimmer and now we can confirm that ETNA blanks are the slimmest in their class. The blanks keep their above-average excellent casting and fish playing abilities with parabolic action. Blanks are fitted with high-quality and lightweight SiC guides, to ensure smooth leading of the fishing line. They are perfect in power distribution over the entire length of the blank and smoothly guide the fishing line during casting or by fighting the fish. The handle made of cork, which is nice on touch is followed by profiled brown EVA foam, replacing the cork in the most exposed areas. The handle is finished with an elegant aluminum cap on its end. This handle fits perfectly into your hand and makes using of the rod more comfortable. The rods are provided with five types of spare tips of different stifness.

In addition, the rod is supplied with an extension piece, so you can choose from a shorter or longer rod, depending on the fishing venue or chosen strategy. From now on, you will not have a problem of deciding which rod to pack for the next fishing expedition. With this universal feeder rod it is obvious.

Technical parameters:
Type Duo feeder 300-360cm/90g
Number of parts: 3
The blank´s diameter above the handle: 11,84mm
Number of guides: 11
Transport length: 106cm
Weight: 238g
Handle: Cork and EVA foam
Handle´s length (from the bottom of the blank to the real´s seat): 44,5cm

Type Duo feeder 330-390cm/100g
Number of parts: 3
The blank´s diameter above the handle: 12,62mm
Number of guides: 12
Transport length: 115cm
Weight: 243g
Handle: Cork and EVA foam
Handle´s length (from the bottom of the blank to the real´s seat): 46,5cm

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Delphin MAGMA M3 Duo feeder

300-360cm/90g, 330-390cm/100g


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