Delphin Method FEED /brown

Delphin Method FEED /brown


Supakuotas po 300 metrų.Top kaina .

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Delphin Method FEED /brown, momonofilamentinis  valas Delphin Method FEEDER. Supakuotas po 300 metrų.Top kaina .

With Delphin, you receive a premium brand product made from CPA 6.6. The molecular structure of the line's surface is minimized during the manufacturing process to eliminate its absorbability. This feature is particularly important when using thin lines in the feeder fishing method. METHOD FEEDER is one of the toughest lines on the market with an incredible knot strength and minimum expandability, which is important for immediate registration of stroke and quick locking without undue release and stretching of the line. METHOD FEEDERhas no surface abrasion-proof layers, as the application and coating process significantly reduces the line's capacity.

Diameter/Bearing capacity: 0,14mm/4,0lbs 0,16mm/5,3lbs 0,18mm/6,6lbs 0,20mm/8,2lbs 0,22mm/9,3lbs 0,25mm/12,1lbs 0,28mm/14,3lbs

Please note: Limited factor for bearing capacity is the knot. In case you notice unwanted knot on your line, immediately cut it off and make a new rig again. The way you tide your knot significantly influences its bearing capacity. Tightening the knot should be done slowly and carefully.

Delphin guarantee: The information on the label regarding the diameter as well as its bearing capacity is real. Please do not compare with competitors labels. Delphin´s numbers are real with the tolerance +/- 10%.


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Delphin Method FEED /brown

0.18mm., 0.20mm., 0.22mm., 0.25mm., 0.28mm.


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