Dvigubas laikiklis Delphin SimpleBUZZ

Dvigubas laikiklis Delphin SimpleBUZZ


Dvigubas,tvirtas laikiklis, 30cm. pločio. 

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Dvigubas,tvirtas laikiklis Delphin SimpleBUZZ 30cm. pločio.

Delphin SIMPLEBUZZ is an universal bar for two rods. Thanks to the standard thread, it fits any Delphin stick and also other sticks on the market. It works perfectly in combination with the Simple Stick model. All threads are mounted in a solid plastic, so there is no risk of tearing or twisting. The crossbar itself is made of aluminum with an elegant black finish. Such combination of materials guarantees long life and durability. Thanks to its simple assembly and stowage, it is an ideal solution for short fishing trips as well as long expeditions on all types of water.


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