Feederinė Guma Delpfin

Feederinė Guma Delpfin


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An absorbent "power" rubber you can overcome even a large fish with using a fine feeder technique. Its essence lies in the very high elasticity combined with the enormous tensile strength. Thanks to the combination of these properties, it is able to dampen a sharp attack of a strong fish, which would otherwise had to be withstood by just a fine line. It can be tied to any line or cord, it will perfectly fulfill the tasks of an elastic "shock line". You will also appreciate it when casting, where it will just as well dampen the force inserted into the rod, thus limiting the possibility of unwanted line breakage. Thanks to its clear design, it is almost invisible to fish and it is perfect for clear waters such as gravel pits.

Delphin POWA GUM Absorber Brown




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Feederinė Guma Delpfin

Skaidri 0.6mm., Skaidri 0.8mm., Skaidri 1mm., Skaidri 1,2mm., Ruda 0.6mm., Ruda 0.8mm., Ruda 1mm., Ruda 1,2mm.


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