Feederio komplektas Delphin GreenFEED

Feederio komplektas Delphin GreenFEED


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Feeder set Delphin Green FEED, tai koplektas kurį sudaro, galingas 100gr. parabolinis feederis 3,3m. su trimis viršūnėmis,  idialus methot feeder žūkliai, ritė Delphin ELIXIR 3T | išmiera 3000, ir valas Delphin Method FEED gray 200m | 0.22mm 9.2lbs

If you are unsure how to compile a reliable feeder set, then the Delphin GreenFEED feeder set is just for you. The set consists of a three-piece Delphin WASABI Feeder rod, the blank is made of an ideal ratio of composite materials. The handle made of EVA foam fits in the hand when fighting and throwing alike. Action of the rod is pleasant and the bonus are the eyelets with ceramic filling. Of course, three spare tips (1x Light, 1x Medium, 1x Heavy) are included with the rod. With its green-black design, the Delphin ELIXIR reel fits perfectly into the set. Its body made of a light composite material guarantees a long service life. 3 + 1 ball bearings together with a 5.0: 1 gear ratio and a mechanism with a balanced rotor guarantee quiet and smooth running with thorough line placement. The capacity of the reel is sufficient for the given fishing technique, with a line diameter of 0.18 mm, it can fit up to 275 m of line per reel. Of course, in order for the set to be complete, the Method FEED line with minimal expansion must not be missing, which guarantees you recognize the grip even with the most careful fish. The feeder set will please a wide range of fishermen who are engaged in feeder fishing.

Technical parameters:
Feeder set Delphin GreenFEED | 330cm / 100g + 3T + 0.22mm contains:
Rod Delphin WASABI Feeder / 3 parts | 330cm / 100g
Reel Delphin ELIXIR 3T | size 3000
Delphin Method FEED gray 200m | 0.22mm 9.2lbs


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