Fingerless gloves Delphin

Fingerless gloves Delphin


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Šiuolaikiško ir modernaus dizaino, trumpų pirštų pirštinės iš Delphin. Labai patogios pirštinės, pagamintos iš tamprios medžiagos, bei likros tarp pirštų. Pirštinės papildomai sustiprintos delnų srityje dar geresniam įsitvėrimui/sugriebimui.Jos labai gerai apsaugos nuo UV spindulių ir uodų,bei kitų mašalų.

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Spin fishing gloves Delphin Atak! 75F will protect you against the sun, UV light, but also against nasty mosquito bites. The quality design will make fishing in harsh conditions seem more comfortable. The inner part of the gloves is fitted with reinforced material at the most strained points to protect the palm from abrasions. The outer part is elongated over the wrist, which is convenient while wearing a long sleeve shirt to completely cover the entire hand. The name 75F means that your fingers (F) are 75 % covered. The uncovered parts ensure better dexterity and manipulation with fishing equipment and accessories. The colour was designed in lighter shades to repel the sunlight. Timeless look in our Atak! design is a treat for every fan of  fishing.

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Fingerless gloves Delphin



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