Galva iš valo ATM Floaty...

Galva iš valo ATM Floaty...


Graibšto galvos kurios neskęsta ,sietas pagamintas iš kokybiško valo

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Floating landing net Delphin ATM Floaty NYLO,graibšto galvos kurios neskesta ,sietas pagamintas iš kokybiško valo,greitai džiūna.Akis; 8x8 mm.

NYLO is a floating landing net head from the ATOMA Floaty series. The uniqueness of this flawlessly made feeder head lies in the non-traditional design of the net, entirely made of nylon and mounted on a light black aluminum frame. Maximum strength and durability are the main properties of the material used. In addition, the nylon creates much less resistance compared to the conventional nets. Manipulation with the landing net during fishing is much easier and more comfortable. The nylon mesh does not absorb or transmit unwanted odours and its drying is a matter of a short time.
The head is ideally suited for the light series of ATOMA handles, but thanks to the universal thread, it is suitable for most handles sold.

Technical parameters:
Mesh size: 8mm x 8mm

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Delphin ATM Floaty NYLO

50x40cm., 60x50cm.


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