Graibšto Galva Delphin HYBRID

Graibšto Galva Delphin HYBRID


Išmieros; 50 x 40 cm.

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Graibšto Galva Delphin HYBRID įpatinga tuo, kad apatinė dalis padaryta iš mono valo,o šonai gumuoti.Galva yra plūduriuojanti, ir dėl reguliuojamo prisukimo ,ją galima prisukti bet kokiu kampu.

Išmieros; 50 x 40 cm.

A floating landing net head with a so-called “hybrid mesh” made of nylon in the middle and rubber on the edges. This unusual version has several advantages.

The main one is an enhanced durability and strength. It also has a decreased resistance in comparison with classic nets when landing your fish, which makes the overall manipulation much faster and easier.

A rubber mesh on the edges is more gentle towards fish. These two materials are a perfect combination of care and comfort.

In addition, Delphin HYBRID has an adjustable joint with a thread. You can adjust the angle of the head for better manipulation. Landing your fish will now be easier even in a difficult terrain or on a steep shore.
This net head is ideal for a special series of ATOMA handles, but you can use it with any handle available on the market.

Technical information:
Rubber coating: Yes
Mesh size: 8 mm x 8 mm


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