Gumuotos galvos Delphin ATOMA Floaty

Gumuotos galvos Delphin ATOMA Floaty


Išmiera; 50 x 40 cm.Akis; 8×8 mm.

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Gumuotos galvos Delphin ATOMA Floaty, graibšto galvos kurios neskesta ,sietas gumuotas,labai saugus žuvims.

Išmiera; 50 x 40 cm.

Akis; 8x8 mm.

Delphin ATOMA FD-R FLOATY is a floating net head equipped with rubber mesh. Quality made feeder net head will fulfil all your requirements. Thanks to its precise design, you will get the maximum out of it. Rubber mesh in black color combined with red stitching is fitted to a very light, but strong red aluminium frame. Because of the rubber mesh, it will dry very quick and won´t get smelly. The net head is ideal to combine with our lightweight series of ATOMA handles and due to its universal thread, it is also suitable to use with other handles as well.

Technical parameters:
Rubber coated: Yes
Size of loop: 8mm x 8mm


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