Guru Adjustable Rig Case 15inch

Guru Adjustable Rig Case 15inch


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Guru Tackle - Adjustable Rig Case 15inch

The 15” version can store hooklengths from 2” right up to 15”, in half inch intervals, making this Rig Case as versatile as possible.

This versatile system works by having adjustable pegs that slide and then lock in place exactly where anglers want them. We have also developed some new peg locks, which once the main pins are in place, provide extra protection against heavy impact. There is also a tool provided that makes it easy to pop open the pins if you wish to adjust the length.

The pegs themselves accommodate all kinds of hooks, even down to fine-wire size 24s. They are super durable while being easy to use with a small overlapping barb on the tip of them to prevent hooklengths slipping off.

Within the case, is a set of measuring pins that are raised-up, enabling anglers to quickly and easily measure-up hooklengths as they tie them, before placing them in within. The pins are also extra-long, enabling you to get plenty of hooks on them, with the cases having a capacity of holding more than 600 hooklengths with ease!

The case is extremely hardwearing, durable, and weather resistant, with a waterproof seal keeping your hooklengths dry and in perfect condition. We have built the case with easy-open grips for fast and effective access, with a strong magnetic locking system, and there are two label areas on the outside of the Rig Case for improved organisation. The hinges on the case are heavy duty for long-lasting endurance. Internal labels are also provided.


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