GURU Super Tight Line Stops

GURU Super Tight Line Stops


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Guru’s new Super Tight Line stops have been designed to grip even the thinnest lines very tightly, meaning you need to use less on your line than ever before.

Each size has its own use: the smallest size is ideal for locking small wagglers onto the thinnest of mainlines. If you’re using a tiny loaded waggler to cast to surface-feeding carp or silvers on the drop, for example, or locking small surface controllers.

Medium stops are perfect for locking off medium sized wagglers and also for anchoring small feeders and bombs just where you want them to be fixed.

A really easy cage feeder or bomb rig involves using a medium stop as a buffer with a bead between the feeder and stop. You can also adjust the length of the hook link by sliding the stop up and down.

The large size comes into its own when you need to anchor bigger feeders, bombs and the biggest of floats securely in place, particularly pellet wagglers. When you’re casting big, loaded pellet wagglers, the bigger stops in pairs are perfect for keeping everything locked into place.

Because the Super Tight Line Stops are so tight fitting, it is advised that you moisten your line before adjusting each stop individually.


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