Head lamp Delphin RGW PRO

Head lamp Delphin RGW PRO


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An original, sophisticated headlamp from the Delphin brand, which offers several great functions and 5W power with a luminosity of 200lm. The RWG PRO has a motion sensor and three light colours, including classic white ligh and also green and red. After the first click, the headlamp lights up to 30% and lasts up to 10 hours. After the second click, it lights up to 100% with a duration of 4 hours. With the third click, the colour of the light changes to green with an intensity of 30% and excellent endurance of up to 15 hours. After the 4th click, the green light shines at 100% and at the 5th click, the red light turns on at 100%. It is the green and red light that does not attract annoying insects, and you will definitely appreciate it even when fighting fish, which are much less frightened than when lit by white light. The motion sensor can be activated with the second button, so it is enough to wave your palm in front of it to turn on the lamp. An indisputable feature is the indication of battery capacity, which lights up on the headlamp when the switch button is held down for longer . The battery with a capacity of 1500 mAh can be charged via a USB cable with a micro connector, while a full charge takes 4.5 hours.

The lamp itself is mounted on a solid elastic strap with an effective Delphin logo and the name RGW PRO. The lamp can be positioned up and down as required. Whether you are a fisherman, hunter or outdoor enthusiast, the Delphin RGW PRO will undoubtedly satisfy your demands for a quality headlamp with many modern features.

Technical parameters:
Light source: LED
Power: 5W, 200lm
Battery: 1500mAh, 3.7V
Dimensions: 60x35x40mm
Weight: 75g
Charging: USB


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