Jaukinimo Šėryklos BROWNING XENOS

Jaukinimo Šėryklos BROWNING XENOS


Didžiulės 40gr.  5,5 x 6 cm. Jaukinimo Šėryklos

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Didžiulės 5,5 x 6 cm. Jaukinimo Šėryklos BROWNING XENOS 40 gr.Aukštos kokybės produktas.

For the new Xenos Wire Feeder range, Browning has used a modern thermo-coating process to make the surface of the feeders shock-proof and to ensure that they blend into the underwater environment thanks to the camouflage colouring.The versatile match feeder with large mesh for rapid release of feed is equally effective on stillwaters and flowing waters. The 6 cm models are also ideal for initial feeding to quickly attract fish to the swim. Thanks to its special coating, the wire feeder will not scare the fish away.


Item number: 6535040 Family: Xenos
EAN: 4029569272860 Length: 5.5cm
Group: Wire feeder Weight: 40g
Brand: Browning Ø: 6cm



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