Kėdės-Gulto Delphin Krepšys

Kėdės-Gulto Delphin Krepšys


Size: 95x80x26cm

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Faultless design of this high-quality case allows up to three types of carrying. The first is by means of comfortable padded belt for carrying on your shoulder. The second type is by means of lugs for vertical carrying in your hands and the third way is for horizontal carrying of the case. Extra strong zip secures its long durability and lifetime. Thanks to sufficient space inside the case you can carry big beds without any problems and packing it will really take only a short while. Our bed chairs type: GT6, GT8, ST8, ST8+ can be placed inside the case.

Technical parameters:
Size: 95x80x26cm

Camouflage CARPATH is a unique and patented design pattern which combines camouflage visual make and carp shapes which together make camouflage design. This unique and irreproducible design is made completely by Delphin and pushes the borders of your fishing equipment to brand new dimension.


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