Feederisto Laikrodis Delphin WADER

Feederisto Laikrodis Delphin WADER


Iš laikrodžio laikui pasibaigus ,jūs gaunate garsinį signalą,kad reikia daryti permetimą.

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Elektroninis laikrodis turintis visas reikalingas funkcijas,taip pat turi funkciją reikalingą feederio mylėtojams.Nusistato laikas nuo minutės iki 24 valandų atbulinio laiko,laikui pasibaigus ,jūs gaunate garsinį signalą,kad reikia daryti permetimą.Vibravimo funkcijos neturi.

Delphin WADER is a digital watch for anyone who always wants to have their time under control. Its sporty design is ideal for active people, whether fishermen, hunters, tourists or athletes. In addition to the usual time indication, it has several great functions such as an alarm clock, stopwatch, optional 12 and 24H format or dual time. It is also possible to use the Light button to backlight the LCD display so that you do not lose the track of time even during the night fishing or other activities. The rubber straps are very pleasant to the touch and are also length-adjustable in a wide range. This ensures that they fit on the wrist of any thickness. The straps are designed in a dark green colour so they match the natural environment without being a disturbing element. The watch itself is made of a very strong black material, which is characterized by excellent resistance to mechanical damage.

According to the international scale, this model is marked as waterproof up to 50m. This marking meets all the requirements of a watch, which can be exposed to running water (for example, showering) or posing with a catch in the water, where immersion below the water surface for a long time does not affect the watch,

Delphin WADER ais simply the ideal stylish accessory with loaded with features, thanks to which you will always have a perfect overview of time.

Technical parameters:
Dial diameter: 45mm
Battery: CR2032



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