Plaukiantys boiliukai D SNAX POP

Plaukiantys boiliukai D SNAX POP


Plaukiantys boiliukai D SNAX POP,diametras 8 mm.Pakuotėje 20gr.

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Plaukiantys boiliukai D SNAX POP,diametras 8 mm.Pakuotėje 20gr.

D SNAX POP is a comprehensive series of floating lures that will be very difficult for fish to resist under water. They are used mainly in feeder fishing, but they can also be used in carp fishing

Thanks to their sophisticated structure, they hold well on the bait spikes, but it is also possible to thread them onto the loop under the hook with a thinner needle. The essences used guarantee that your bait will be attractive for a long time.

D SNAX POP are produced in diameters of 8 and 10 mm, in attractive colour combinations and in proven flavors that will definitely not leave the fish cold.
Lures are packed in 20g packages in practical resealable bottles that will perfectly fit into your handbag.

To maintain the attractiveness of the bait, do not expose it to direct sunlight for a long time and do not leave the bottles open.


Garlic-Butyric / White-Green
In moments when everything else fails, there is Garlic-Butyric. A very strong, penetrating flavour and a distinctive green-white colour will pull even careful fish out of lethargy. Warning! It's really a force!

Crab-Krill / Pink-Brown
For fans of pure meat flavors, there is Krab-Krill. In addition to the distinctive "smelly" aroma, it is characterized by an unobtrusive pink-brown colour, which predisposes this flavour to become your ace.

Corn Pineapple / Yellow
We have combined the years-proven aromas of pineapple and corn in combination with the popular yellow colour. A flavour that will not disappoint under any circumstances and that should not be missing in the assortment of any fisherman.

Mango-Peach / Pink-Orange
The wonderful fruity scent of mango and peach will enchant you right after opening. Together with the pink-orange colour, it will become your strong trump card throughout the year.

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Cesnak-Butyric, Kukurica-
Ananás, Mango-
Broskyňa, Mušľa-Korenie


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