Pluduriujanti Sudedama Galva Delpfin

Pluduriujanti Sudedama Galva Delpfin


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Delphin ATM Floaty RN HALF is a floating landing net head, whose biggest motto is undoubtedly hidden in the transport dimensions. Thanks to the ingenious folding system, it is possible to fold the head in half, which significantly reduces its dimensions and can thus be carried in , for example, a case with the fishing rods. A high-quality black net with 8x8 mm mesh is fitted in a very light, but strong aluminum silver frame. In addition, the entire net is rubberized, so that it does not absorb unwanted odours and its drying is a matter of a short time. The head is ideally suited for the light series of ATOMA handles, but thanks to the universal thread, it is suitable for most handles sold.

Technical parameters:
Rubber coating: Yes
Mesh size: 8mm x 8mm


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