Jaukinimo Šėryklos MAGMA XXL

Jaukinimo Šėryklos MAGMA XXL


Išmieros; 70×50 mm.Du modeliai 10 ir 20gr. 

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A feeder in a unique MAGMA design, designed especially for feeding at the fishing spot. Its cross-section is circular in shape so that you can easily get the required amount of feed mixture into it, and you can easily transport it to the desired location only with the help of a feeder rod. It is made of a solid wire that prevents it from overflowing during filling. An extra strong crimped arm is used for comfortable attachment to the feeder assembly.

Note: For Magma ROUND feeders, Total weight of the additional weights is stated. Weight of the feeder alone is 20g.

Technical parameters:
Basket size: 70x50 mm

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Šėriminės Šėryklos MAGMA

10gr., 20gr.


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