Wire feeder – round

Wire feeder – round


Kokybiškos metalinės šėryklos nuo Delphin

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Kokybiškos metalinės šėryklos nuo Delphin

S 25x20mm.

M 33x26mm.

L 45x30mm.

Feeder is one of the most important accessories for all fishermen who prefer feeder fishing technique. That´s is why we really paid attention to make feeders of high quality and verified design. The feeders are fitted with a hanger made of thick nylon line. The whole feeder including the lead is treated with a powder colour which prevents it from being worn out fast and it also is less noticeable in water. The netting is made of hard net with bigger square openings (6x6mm) so the food falls out immediately which is great during the main season when feeding must be done quickly. The great advantage of our feeders is that they fly very well and due to the small lead plate they can be pulled off well, too. These feeders are suitable also for fishing in slowly flowing rivers. They are made in three sizes, the smallest one (S) can definitely be used for moderate feeding in winter, universal size (M) can be used during classic fish hunting and the biggest size (L) can be used when feeding for the first time or when you need to attract by a larger amount of food. By selected weights we tried to cover a wide scale and satisfy all who love high-quality feeder accessory.

Technical parameters:
Wire feeder round S
Size of basket: 25x20mm

Wire feeder round M
Size of basket: 33x26mm

Wire feeder round L
Size of basket: 45x30mm

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Wire feeder - round

S 50gr., M 50gr., L 30gr., L 40gr., L50gr., L 60gr.


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