Žvejo kuprinė Delphin CLASSA

Žvejo kuprinė Delphin CLASSA


Išmieros 50x23x30cm.

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An excellent partner for fishing. This is how the Delphin CLASSA backpack could be characterized. The whole backpack is made of non-upholstered, but high-quality green fabric. Also, in the lower part of the backpack is a rubberized waterproof layer, thanks to which you can also place the backpack in grass covered with dew without any worries. CLASSA has a large central space, which is entered through a large lid with excellent access to the inside. Closing is solved by a practical and high-quality zipper. In the front, there is a larger pocket, on which there is also a zippered pocket. Comfortably you can store there important stuff, such as documents, a wallet, or possibly a mobile phone. Both sides of the backpack are equipped with an open pocket and there are two straps above it. For example, they are suitable for holding longer things, such as bank sticks and certain types of fishing rods. The open pocket in this case can serve as a stop for these objects. However, it can also be used to insert a thermos or a slimmer water bottle. The undeniable advantage of this backpack is high-quality and upholstered shoulder straps with foam filling, which reduces the pressure on the shoulders when wearing a fully loaded backpack. In the upper part, they are connected, which created a comfortable loop for carrying a backpack in the hand.

Technical parameters:
Dimensions of the main part: 50x23x30cm
Front pocket: 20x4x23cm
Side pocket: 11x7x7cm


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