Keptuvė Delphin MiniPAN HS

Keptuvė Delphin MiniPAN HS


Labai funkcionali keptuvė žvejui,turistui.

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Labai funkcionali keptuvė žvejui,turistui.

Compact double-sided frying pan for cooking and stewing anywhere you go. Ideal for breakfast-type dishes such as grilled sandwiches or omelettes.

The aluminium base of the pan has a non-stick coating reducing the burns. This type of surface is very easy to clean and resistant to mechanical damage.

The biggest advantage this product offers is the heat accumulation and therefore faster cooking time.

Heat-resistant handles make the MiniPAN very easy to manipulate and their safety system prevents the pan from opening.

The two sides of the pan can be used separately to prepare two different dishes and to clean it more easily.

Technical information:
External dimensions: 15x14x3 cm
Internal dimensions: 14x12.5 cm
Handle length: 20 cm
Total dimensions: 35x14.5x3 cm


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